BPM water separation membranes

BPM water separation membranes are made with unique formulations of bio-materials to yield membranes with enhanced water permeability, different selection and high fouling characteristics.

By using different formulations of bio-materials, H2MO can manufacture Reverse Osmosis, Nanfiltration, Forward Osmosis and other specialized membranes.


Preparation and types of BPM films

In order to prepare high efficient BPM membrane, we first need to make high-performance hollow fiber membrane filaments. A variety of new polymer materials are used to prepare the casting liquid and core liquid through the spinneret at the same time out, after the air bath, the casting liquid into the coagulation bath for the formation of film filaments. The hollow fiber filaments with high pressure resistance, high flux and high rejection provide a solid foundation for the fabrication of BPM membranes.