Led by Prof. Wang Rong, the pursuit of a biomimetic membrane with enhanced water separation performances started at Singapore Membrane Technology Centre, NEWRI at Nanyang Technological University. The project was carried out with funding from Singapore PUB and the National Research Fund.

The first successful biomimetic water treatment membrane was developed by Prof. Wang Rong using Aquaporin.

Prof. Wang Rong together with H2MO, developed the worlds first hollow-fibre biomimetic membrane manufacturing technology based on a stable bio-materials, without using Aquaporin, called Bio-Programmable Membrane.

Reverse Osmosis Membranes made with BPM technology was successfully piloted at Singapore PUB’s water reclamation facilities.

BPM technology was successfully employed to manufacture Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and Forward Osmosis membranes.

H2MO setup it’s BPM application Research & Development Centre and Phase 1 manufacturing line in China’s Wuxi City, Yixing City, to develop better products for the global water separation market.

Prof. Wang Rong won Singapore’s prestigious President’s Technology Award 2022 for her work on BPM biomimetic membrane technology.