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H2MO works closely with our client to understand their unique water treatment challenges and provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs through the use of our BPM water separation membranes. By doing so, we help our clients achieve their desired water quality standards and their operational requirements to ensure a reliable and sustainable water treatment process.

  • Treatment Solution

  • System Design and Build

  • IoT Optimisation System

  • Operations & Maintenance

Treatment Solution

H2MO works closely with the client to understand their unique water treatment challenges and provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. By doing so, they can help clients achieve their desired water quality standards and ensure a reliable and sustainable water treatment process.

H2MO starts by conducting an initial assessment of the client's water treatment requirements, including the type of water to be treated, the volume of water to be processed, and the contaminants that need to be removed.

Based on this assessment, we then recommend the most suitable BPM membrane technology and configuration for the client's application. We also advise on the installation and operation of the BPM membrane system to ensure optimal performance and longevity. 


System Design and Build

H2MO‘s goal is to provide a comprehensive and customized BPM membrane system that meets the client's water treatment needs and helps them achieve their desired water quality standards. By doing so, H2MO helps clients optimize their water treatment processes and ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply.

H2MO provide a full-packaged treatment system design services to their clients by offering customized solutions based on their specific needs, providing the engineering solutions using our BPM membranes and building the core membranes systems required for the project. This is done after working closely with the client to understand their water treatment requirements and design a membrane system that meets those requirements and build the system for the client to meet their specific needs.

The design process typically begins with an assessment of the client's water quality and quantity needs, as well as their process requirements and constraints. H2MO may also review any regulatory requirements that must be met.

Once the initial assessment is complete, we then develop a detailed treatment system design that specifies the BPM membrane technology, system specifications, system layout, and equipment specifications required to achieve the desired water quality. This design may also include recommendations for pre-treatment processes, such as filtration or chemical treatment, that may be necessary to optimize the membrane system's performance.

During the design process, H2MO works closely with the client to ensure that the BPM membrane system built and provided meets their specific needs and is designed to fit within their facility's physical and operational requirements. H2MO may also provide detailed engineering drawings, specifications, build the BPM membrane system and work with clients engineering providers to install the BPM membrane system.


IoT Optimisation System

H2MO provides IoT remote treatment system operation optimization services to their clients by leveraging the latest in IoT technology to remotely monitor and optimize the performance of their membrane systems. The client operations team can conveniently monitor the real-time performance of their BPM membrane system, receive system warnings and operational advice via a computer terminal or mobile pad.
H2MO systems have install sensors and other IoT devices on their BPM membrane system to monitor key performance metrics such as energy consumption, water flow, pressure, and quality etc. These devices can transmit real-time data to a cloud-based platform that allows H2MO to monitor the system's performance remotely.

Using this data, H2MO can analyze the membrane system's performance and identify opportunities to optimize its operation. For example, we may recommend changes to the system's operating parameters or suggest modifications to the pre-treatment process to improve the membrane's performance.

H2MO also uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the system's data over time and identify trends and patterns that may indicate potential issues. By detecting these issues early, they can proactively address them before they become more serious.

In addition to remote monitoring and optimization, H2MO may also offer remote operations, support and troubleshooting services to help clients address any issues that may arise. This may include remote technical support, online training and education, and the ability to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Overall, by leveraging IoT technology and remote monitoring, H2MO can provide their clients with a more proactive and efficient water treatment solution that maximizes system performance and minimizes downtime.


Operations & Maintenance

In addition to providing BPM membrane products and systems, H2MO also offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the membrane system operates efficiently over time. This can include regular system monitoring, troubleshooting, and repairs, as well as technical training and education for the client's personnel.

H2MO provides operations and maintenance services to their clients for the BPM membrane treatment systems they supply to ensure that the systems operate optimally and efficiently over their entire lifespan. These services may include:

1.Training and education: H2MO can provide training and education for the client's personnel on how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the water treatment system effectively.

2.On-site maintenance: H2MO can offer on-site maintenance services to diagnose and repair any issues that arise with the system. This may include routine maintenance, such as BPM membrane replacement, cleaning, and system inspections.

3.IoT Remote monitoring: H2MO can remotely monitor the system's performance via its IoT system to identify any issues before they become more serious. They can also analyze system data to optimize the system's performance.

4.Spare parts and replacement: H2MO can provide spare parts and replacements for any components that need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

5.System upgrades: H2MO can provide upgrades for the system to keep it up to date with the latest technology and regulations.

6.Compliance and regulatory support: H2MO can provide support to help clients comply with relevant regulations and standards.

Overall, by providing operations and maintenance services, H2MO can ensure that their clients' water treatment systems operate efficiently and reliably over their entire lifespan. This can help clients save time and money, minimize downtime, and achieve their desired water quality standards.